We have been made aware of certain fraudulent schemes that have been conducted by individuals or organizations claiming to represent STIIIZY. This type of fraud tends to occur through unsolicited emails or text messages, online services including bogus websites, social media accounts, or online job boards. The aim of the fraud is to trick you into believing you are communicating with a STIIIZY recruiter or other representative in order to apply for and/or obtain employment from STIIIZY with the goal of obtaining your personal information or money. STIIIZY’s name, logo, and other Company information is used without permission to try to convey authenticity.

If you have any concerns, see suspicious job advertisements, or receive suspicious communications that reference STIIIZY, please review our site for more details on how to report the issue.  Legitimate information regarding career opportunities with STIIIZY can always be found on our website at

We recommend that you do not respond to any unsolicited requests to participate in an interview via text/other messaging services or offers of employment. Any legitimate interview process with STIIIZY will include live contact with representatives of the company. If you believe you are the victim of any fraudulent activity, we advise you to contact local law enforcement.

Warning signs of fraudulent activity:

If you receive solicitations, recruiting or hiring documentation, advertisements, or emails that contain spelling and grammatical errors, or which are poorly formatted (examples would include where logos appear to be copied and pasted into the messaging).

If you receive an email from an email address at a domain that is not affiliated with the company (for example,,,,,, etc.), or a domain that mimics – but is not actually the same as – the domain used by the company (for example, or STIIIZY’s email addresses all end with or

If you are asked to participate in an “interview” or conduct a business relationship exclusively by chat, text, or email.

If you are asked to send money for any purpose prior to entering into a contract or receiving a job (for example, to cover claimed electronic equipment fees, processing fees, , immigration or visa costs, or recruiter fees). STIIIZY never requires applicants to submit money to STIIIZY or its outside recruiters to pay for electronic equipment, travel, immigration, or other fees or expenses.

If you receive a request for personal information early during the process, such as your address, date of birth, passport information, social security number, or banking details.

If there is an insistence on urgency for you to act on the correspondence received within very short time frames.


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